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Seton Hall University
An image of President's Hall and the sun shining through trees above the chapel.

Office of the President

Interim President Katia PasseriniKatia Passerini, Ph.D., a nationally recognized knowledge management scholar with extensive higher education experience, was appointed Interim President of Seton Hall in July 2023.

“Seton Hall is fortunate to have Interim President Passerini at the helm as we conduct a national search for our 22nd President,” 说 Hank D’Alessandro '85, Chair of the University’s Board of Regents. “On behalf of the Board, I welcome her to this role with gratitude for her willingness to serve the University.”

She arrived at Seton Hall in June 2020 as Provost and Executive Vice President. In that capacity, she was an influential voice in the development of Harvest Our Treasures, the University’s strategic plan. Leading Academic Affairs, she advanced a strategic focus on research and academic innovation that elevated academic programs and strengthened the faculty.

“As I humbly assume the role of leading Seton Hall during this transition, I am reminded of the wisdom of 1 Chronicles: ‘Be strong and steadfast, and go to work. Do not fear or be dismayed, for the Lord God, my God, is with you.’ With this as our charge, I am confident we will unite in steering the University’s sails toward greater distinction, no matter what the winds will bring,” Interim President Passerini 说.

A noted leader in Catholic higher education, she was elected to the Administrative Board for the International Federation of Catholic Universities in 2022. In this role, she represents all of North America in what has been called the United Nations of Catholic higher education.

“Highly motivated by Seton Hall’s Catholic mission, she was by far the strongest candidate for Provost three years ago and a natural choice for this new role,” D’Alessandro 说. “Please join me in extending our appreciation and our enthusiasm for what will be an outstanding year.”