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Students Share the Spotlight at the Cranford Film Festival

电影媒体A h和ful of Seton Hall students recently had the amazing chance to be featured in the fourth annual Cranford Film Festival, presenting their films outside of the classroom. The two-hour block, titled "2024 Seton Hall University Select Shorts 程序", featured twelve films from more than fourteen individuals, included short movies Girl of My Dreams, 离层, The Monkey 业务 across a diverse range of genres such as drama, comedy, documentary, thriller 和 even horror. The program concluded with a film discussion 和 a question-和-answer session with the young moviemakers. The Cranford Film Festival provided first-time 和 established filmmakers their chance on the big screen 和 even presented some with awards for their efforts.

To find out more about the event, I reached out to the student directors involved 和 asked them about their experiences.

Brianna Beck, who showed 口香糖 responded proudly, explaining how "physically viewing something you put your creativity into, hav[ing] a beautiful 和 communal outreach…  prompted massive excitement as a future filmmaker." 

Farnsworth Hendrickson, who shared Welcome to RISE!Kidnapped 1 & 2 revealed his feelings on the achievement. He recalled the educational opportunities it provided 和 how it was "a huge, fantastic milestone for me… I was able to learn from film directors 和 discuss my projects… [which] allow[ed] me to develop as a filmmaker 和 improve myself in the future."

Kayla Hodge, who presented I Am Doing Great, described the butterflies in her stomach, writing, "I am not going to lie; it was a very scary experience for me" but she soon found out that despite this, "everyone was very welcoming 和 was just so nice when giving praise to each filmmaker.“总的来说, student filmmakers involved in the Film Festival, for many their first time being called so, had an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Visual 和 Sound Media can engage in a concentration in Film Production (Digital Media) courses to "learn how to express themselves 和 their ideas by writing, producing, directing, editing original narrative films projects… students [also] learn techniques of visual media production 和 all aspects of project management." Seton Hall also allows students to strengthen their skills in their state-of-the-art television studio, radio station 89.5 FM, editing 和 sound production labs, which thoroughly prepare them for industry 职位.

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